Raquel Frankenberg

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About Raquel

   “To design you must incorporate every aspect of yourself; daring, fun, sophisticated, bold, classic, elegant, stylish…all of these are a representation of me and all are represented throughout  my designs”                                                                 ~Raquel Frankenberg

      Raquel’s interest in d
esign began when she was a little girl growing up in Uvalde, Texas.  As a child whose parents were originally from Mexico, Raquel was surrounded by the intricacy, passion and romance that was displayed through the artwork, architecture, furniture, and landscaping of her parent’s native country.  She took note to every delicate detail, every brush stroke, every stitch, every imperfection, and every story that her surroundings told and never let them go.  Her surroundings became her classroom and the element of design became her teacher.  Longing to acquire more knowledge of other unique designs, Raquel then went on to study other cultures’ designs as a way to understand and master her own creative energy and craft. 
     Even while attending school Raquel never lost sense of her passion as she designed and created numerous
pieces of artwork, furniture, and light fixtures while simultaneously working towards her BBA in Business and Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin.  While there she fell in love with the diversity that Austin had to offer and has called the city her home ever since.  Though there was a brief period where she was a banker and an actress (which she still acts as a hobby), Raquel could not ignore her true calling and later obtained her interior design license and has been in business for the past fifteen years. 

     To date, Raquel has numerous clients in both the United States and Mexico.  Since she is fluent in both
English and Spanish she uses that ability as an opportunity to acquire more knowledge and design ideas by traveling frequently to all regions of Mexico.  She finds inspiration in her family as well; her children and grandchildren often inspire to create different pieces for her numerous collections.  Raquel loves to play the guitar and dance; the same artistic inspiration that allows musicians and dancers to create wonderful performance is the same inspiration that drives Raquel in her designs.

     Though there are many different elements that comprise Raquel, the most important element to remember is:  love. 
Her love for her family, her love for other people, her love for her business, her love for perfection, and most importantly her love for design.  She is constantly looking for new challenges to push her into different realms of design and is always there to offer her expertise in all areas of design.   She’s real, she’s genuine, she’s smart, she’s sweet…she’s Raquel.
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